Draping and Lighting

Your event venue might be perfect in many ways, but there might be unsightly pipes or static features that detract from its beauty or could spoil your photographs.

Don’t worry; Illuminate FX has the ideal solution with our star cloth and voile draping service.

Hide and Enhance…

Our draping not only conceals imperfections but also elevates the overall ambience of your venue.

When paired with uplighting, it becomes a versatile tool to instantly change the mood or highlight specific features.


The Magic of Lighting

For years, clever lighting has been used to transform spaces, accentuate key elements, and transition from daytime to evening atmospheres. Lighting, a classic wedding industry staple, is making a powerful comeback. Imagine the enchanting warmth of fairy and festoon lights, whether indoors or outdoors.

At Illuminate FX, we paint the air with colour, creating unforgettable moments in every venue.

From uplighters to fairy and festoon lights, let us light up your next event!

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